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We are currently looking to partner with videographers.

Here’s our Win-Win Proposal:

-Offer live web broadcasting to your customers as an optional service to complement your video wedding packages.

-Generate additional revenue with little investment.

-You set a price that makes sense to you and your customers

-Purchase our service only when your customer places an order


How it Works:

-Apply to become a partner

-Our exclusive videographer partner service includes:

Up to 50 viewers

Chat service and live chat technical support


30 days on demand viewing

Custom email invites

Equipment You Will Need:

-A camcorder connected to a laptop via firewire (DV output) interface

-Internet access at the venue (wireless preferred).


Contact Us Today or Apply Online

132 Wildwood Road, Tolland CT 06084

Telephone: 1 (860) 821 0657

Fax: 1 (866) 302 5338