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See also FAQ for Videographers

What do I need to broadcast my wedding live on the web?

Here’s what we recommend in terms of equipment if you would like to do it yourself using your own equipment:

You can easily use a USB capture device that will work with any camcorder by connecting to the A/V (Audio/Video) port of the camcorder.  We recommend the iGrabber.  You can get it for around $40.  Just make sure you have the A/V cable that comes with the camcorder. One end connects to the A/V port the other end has composite connectors (Yellow, Red and White connectors).

For HD streaming using HDMI we recommend the following device, the Live Gamer Pro C875 by Avermedia.

Alternatively, we also offer an Enhanced Live Broadcast package that includes all the equipment you’ll need to quickly setup and easily broadcast live. We’ll send you a Hi-Def Camcorder, a tripod, a laptop with built in broadband wireless from Verizon, and, one-click broadcast software pre-installed. Once the event is over, you will send the equipment back to us within 3 days on a pre-paid UPS mailing label.  Please call us at 860-821-0657 or email us at to find out if there is a local videographer in your area who can work with you. You can also use our locate a pro directory to find a videographer near you.

How many days in advance can I order the service?

Can I set up a test broadcast before the wedding?

Can I broadcast at my outdoor wedding?

How many people can log on and watch my wedding live?

Will I be able to watch my broadcast at a later date? If so, for how long?

How long can my wedding broadcast be?

What happens if the live broadcast doesn't happen for whatever reason?

I'm not very tech-savvy. Can you send someone to set it all up for me?

What differentiates you from your competitors?

Why should I use you over one of those free webcasting websites?

Can i make a deposit to reserve my date rather than paying the full amount months ahead?

I'm ordering your service months in advance. How do I know you will honor your commitments then?

What does the equipment package look like?