Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Videographers


1. What are the benefits in partnering with I Do Stream?
Offer Live web broadcasting to your customers as an optional service to complement your video wedding packages.
Two-way network benefit: As we receive customer inquiries from our website through our national marketing efforts, we will refer these local customers to you as our preferred live webcast videographer
Distinguish yourself from your colleagues by offering live-event broadcasting. Give your clients the "Wow" factor their special day deserves.
Marketing: Partnership welcome package includes sales brochure to promote live-broadcast events and service to your customers.
Production support: We provide easy step by step instructions to save you time and simplify the live-event set-up.
Generate additional revenue with little investment.
2. Is it possible to integrate your service into my website?
Yes, we will provide you with html code to add our login page into your own website. The broadcast page is generic (does not contain the "I Do Stream logo) but can be customized with your company name.
3. What kind of marketing tools do you provide?
All our partners can download a tri-fold sales brochure that can be used to promote live-broadcast events and service to potential customers. You will be listed in our partner directory where brides can find a local videographer.
4. Do you provide a software to do the live broadcast?
Yes, once you've been approved as a partner, you can login to your account and download our proprietary easy to use I Do Stream broadcaster software. Our software is not Mac compatlable however we do support it through Adobe Flash media live encoder.
5. Can I arrange for a live demo?
Yes, please contact us for a live demo.
In addition, to allow time for testing before the event, we open the webcasting channel two days before the scheduled event. When soon as you order for the webcast (created an event), the broadcast is open for you to test.
We encourage you to test well in advance at the venue and if you need more time to test, just let us know.
6. How do I do my main job (video) and not worry about the live streaming setup?
If you are concerned it may take away from doing your main job (video), we
recommend just setting up a camcorder on a tripod to stream and have a
helper move the camera from time to time. 
Alternatively, you can rent our WEVI wireless video transmitter.  The WEVI will allow the web viewer see what you see while you are filming.  The transmitter connects to the RCA or S-Video output of your video camera and can be carried in a small shoulder bag  giving you mobility to capture precious moments while webcasting at the same time. The receiver connects to a laptop computer that has internet access.  While  the encoder is started you will be webcasting as long as the video camera is turned on regardless of whether you are recording or not.  The transmitter has a range of approx. 300ft. 
7.  I don't have a firewire card on my laptop.  Can I use USB?
Not all camcorders allow streaming from the USB port. Most camcorders do not allow stream, only used for file transfer. You need to purchase a usb live video capture device.  We recommand Black Magic Intensity  

Almost all professinal video cameras have a DV output which is also known as firewire.  If your laptop lacks a firewire port, you can purchase a firewire PC card directly from us when you place an order. Alternatively, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase a firewire PC card at your local Best Buy store or online.  Here's what a firewire PC card looks like

8. What kind of live technical help do you have available when I am setting this up for an event?
In terms of technical support, we offer telephone technical support for videographers everytime you do a live broadcast with us  We will be available throughout the event for you to call us for any technical setup difficulties/questions.    Of course, we will monitor our streaming servers during the event and will address any server issues. We will monitor every event (live) that you do, and if the live stream goes down for whatever reason, we will call or text you right away.   We also offer live technical chat support for the viewers during the event so you don't have to worry about viewer problems.  Therefore, will require a cellphone number for us to call you in case the problem is related to your camcorder not being "turned on".
9. What is the speed difference between Wi-Fi from a laptop and a wired cable/DSL connection?
The difference will depend on whether someone else is also using a lot of bandwidth from the
Wi-Fi during the broadcast. You should check with the reception hall to see if anyone else may be using the wireless router on the day of your live broadcast. Also if the WiFi's signal is weak because you're far away from the wireless router, your speed may degrade.  That said, most reception halls should have Wi-Fi connection that covers the entire room.   You may run into difficulties when go between rooms.  To test your download and upload speed at the site, use's website.  
10. I'm doing outdoor weddings, how do I find out my area has broadband wireless coverage?
Unless you can pickup a Wi-Fi signal nearby, your only option to webcast live is broadband wireless from a cellphone provider such as Verizon.  Our ultraportable PC rental comes with broadband wireless access included.  While broadband wireless access has up to 2Mb/ps download it only can do max of 800Kb/ps upload speed. 
Both Sprint and Verizon have recently come out with an even higher speed access in certain locations.  It's called 4g internet; It's able to upload with speeds of 1Mb/ps which  is comparable to DSL. 
Click here to see the Verizon broadband wireless coverage map.